Ice Cider



Winner of the highest distinction -- 2012 DOUBLE GOLD -- at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition and -- 2013 BEST IN SHOW -- at the Greater Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.


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Ice Cider

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What is Ice Cider?

Ice Cider is a sophisticated dessert wine made from apples. It was first developed two decades ago in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, just north of Vermont.

Following Québécois practice and standards, our apples are pressed in early winter and the juice set outside to freeze in Vermont's naturally cold climate. The frozen cider is brought into the winery where it is melted to obtain a sugary concentration that is then fermented, while the water remains as ice. The result is a unique dessert wine with 9% alcohol, 15% residual sugar, and plenty of natural acidity to create a well balanced taste experience.

What makes Windfall Orchard Ice Cider Unique?

Windfall Orchard Ice Cider is produced by blending over 30 traditional and heirloom apple varieties. All of the apples used in Windfall Orchard Ice Cider are grown in our small orchard located in Vermont's southern Champlain Valley - the heart of Vermont's historic apple growing region. Traditional cider varieties, such as Roxbury Russet and Esopus Spitzenberg, are mixed with New England's great dessert apples: Northern Spy, McIntosh, and Cortland. Our Ice Cider also includes old chance seedling varieties that only exist at Windfall Orchard. Handpicked at the time of perfect ripeness, the "ultimate blend" of great apples are used to create Windfall Orchard Ice Cider.

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